My Philosophy and Journey

Wobble to Warrior Yoga was founded on the premise that Yoga is an experience that indulges life & the mat beyond the "ultimate yoga pose".  You don't need to maintain a certain physique, yield to a vegan diet nor feel guilty when enjoying a few glasses of wine!  Wobble to Warrior follows a principal of being present and experimenting with an experience..even if it's only for 60 minutes!  This can be different depending on where you are during your life and is always open to interpretation.  For many, it can start out as a physical practice to aid flexibility, strength and eventually peace of mind. Personally, that is where I began.  Seeking to tone, elongate and ultimately burn some calories! I wobbled often, on the yoga mat and off the mat, sometimes frustrated but eventually finding that Warrior.

Having completed my 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificate ( with Yoga London), and deciding to move on from a rewarding but also exhausting 14 year corporate career in HR and Recruitment, I now successfully bring my knowledge to help clients gain more focus and clarity.  This can still be achieved whilst having fun and not taking it all too seriously but equally helping discover what yoga can and could mean for you.   Come join me for a group class in Wapping or Rotherhide East London, over a private lesson or a corporate workshop.  

Look forward to meeting you!